Safety questions still unanswered one week after Point Mallard Park shooting

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DECATUR, Ala. – It’s been one week since the Point Mallard Park shooting happened, and people are still entering the park without any sort of bag check or any new safety measures.

Park visitors like Garrett Liechty are wondering if they’ll start checking bags soon, and how the next special event will be run.

“I definitely think they need to step up with the way they manage things and security risks,” said Liechty.

He along with other WHNT News 19 viewers are still concerned about the number of people inside the park during the “Splash Into Summer” event.

Mayor Tab Bowling says the park was not over capacity, but WHNT News 19 has been working to learn what their maximum capacity is.

And after asking the Decatur Police Department, the Fire Marshal, Fire Captain, Director of parks and recreation, and the Decatur Building Department what the maximum capacity for the park is, there is still no answer.
We’ve even filed an Official Alabama Open Records request asking what the park’s capacity is, but WHNT News 19 has not heard back.

Liechty says he wasn’t at the park during the night of the shooting, but he’s worried about upcoming events like the 4th of July “Spirit Of America” celebration.

“It gets way, way over packed here on holiday’s,” said Liechty.

You can count on WHNT News 19 to continue to press for answers on the shooting investigation and capacity of Point Mallard Park on-air and online.

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