Robotics Technology Park to be annexed into Decatur

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DECATUR, Ala. – Mayor Tab Bowling confirmed the Robotics Technology Park has requested to be annexed into Decatur.

The Robotics Park, located on Highway 31, was built on unincorporated land in Limestone County.

In December, Decatur emergency agencies announced they’d no longer provide emergency services to unincorporated areas because they don’t have the authority to.

The new robotics park is across from Calhoun Community College in Decatur.

Now, the land the robotics park sits on will become a part of Decatur so the city’s emergency agencies will respond there.

The mayor said he’s excited about incorporating it.

“Our education footprint continues to expand, our workforce footprint continues to expand,” explained Bowling. “The robotics technology center will be a big part of the Mazda-Toyota training.”

The mayor said times and technology have changed drastically.

Bowling said it takes 70 percent fewer humans to produce a car than it did in the ’70s, and that’s because of robotics – skills that will be acquired at the Robotics Technology Park.

“There’s still skill sets that are needed to program robotics to make sure that they’re maintained, working properly, things of that nature,” he added. “So it’s a very big industry and now, it’ll be in Decatur, Alabama.”

Bowling said the value of a robotics center being in Decatur is priceless.

“Definitely not a tax producer, but it produces opportunities,” he stated. “It’s this quality of life, and we’re thrilled to have it.”