Priceville school resource officer honored for service to schools


MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – As we inch closer to the end of yet another school year, one Priceville school resource officer is getting recognized for his dedication to the kids by a group he serves outside of the classroom.

Every weekday morning, before the school day starts, you’ll find Deputy Ken Baker guiding school buses through their drop-offs at the elementary, middle, and high schools.

This isn’t a requirement for a resource officer. Baker leads the buses to and from each school in the mornings and afternoons, because he knows it helps fight the growing Priceville traffic.

“Maybe I just save them some time,” Baker said.

According to Morgan County Schools Transportation Director Hank Summerford, Baker is just being humble.

“The buses are right on time every time. We don’t have any problem with the buses getting to the elementary school, middle school high school, because when they see him pop his blue lights a little bit,” he gestures. “They stop, the buses go!”

That punctuality can be attributed to Baker’s military background, serving in the Air Force before a career at the post office; a brief retirement, then on to join the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. Now, he is an SRO, bonding with the kids and even teaching them how to salute like a military man.

He is beloved by students and bus drivers alike.

“We all think the world of him,” Lead Bus Driver Marion Estes said.

That adoration is now in the form of an end-of-the-year ‘thank you’ gift for Baker; a first for the bus drivers to give.

“We’ve never had an SRO do as much as he’s done. He’s stepped up to the plate and done a super super job,” Estes said.

As for Baker, he just wants to do anything he can to protect the kids, whose parents trust he’ll keep them safe in and out of the classroom.

“When you look in Mama’s eyes. She doesn’t say a word to you, but her eyes say ‘that’s my baby, you’ve got my baby, right?’ You can feel that deep in your soul,” Baker said.

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