Police: Facebook Rumors About ‘Russian Kidnapping Ring’ Not True

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PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Have you seen the Facebook posts about a Russian kidnapping ring in north Alabama?  Police say they are simply not true.

Several people have contacted WHNT News 19 about the posts.  One man emailed us this week from Priceville, saying he had heard of something happening there.

A woman in Morgan County provided us with this post from her Facebook news feed:

One of the Facebook posts that is circulating in north Alabama (provided by WHNT News 19 viewer)
One of the Facebook posts that is circulating in north Alabama (provided by WHNT News 19 viewer)

WHNT News 19 is taking action to help provide truthful answers.  We spoke with Priceville Police on Wednesday about this matter.

Assistant Police Chief Ron DeWeese said he has received calls about a woman selling children’s books in the area.  This part is true.  He said he ran a check on her, and she has a state license to sell these books.  She is going door to door to try to sell children’s books.

DeWeese said the rest of the information circulating is simply rumor.

The rumor is circulating in other cities in north Alabama and across the country.  Police in several U.S. cities have also debunked these claims, as you can see on Snopes.com.

Safety Tips

It’s not illegal to sell items door to door, however, use caution whenever you answer your door and it’s someone you don’t know.  If you are visited by a door-to-door salesperson, the Better Business Bureau recommends you do the following:

Be safe. Ask for identification before you open the door. Never invite the solicitor into your home.

Be wary of high pressure sales tactics. A trustworthy company should let you take time to think about the purchase and compare prices before buying or putting down a deposit.

Research the company with BBB. Visit bbb.org to view the company’s BBB Business Review to find out more about their marketplace performance. If you have a smart phone, you can download and use the BBB app to access the company’s report while the person is standing at your door, or visit m.bbb.org on your mobile device.

Get transaction details in writing. Be sure you receive a contract or receipt explaining the details of your purchase and all the terms and conditions that apply.

Read more on bbb.org.

You can also post a sign on your door that says ‘No Solicitors.’

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