Police anticipate decline in property theft as school year starts

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DECATUR, Ala. – Decatur police say warm weather brings out thieves each and every year.

“Usually this time of year we can expect to have a rise in burglaries and breaking and entering to vehicles,” explained Sergeant Justin Lyon of the Decatur Police Department. “That’s typically something we expect to see elevated in the summer months than we do in the winter months.”

But summer is winding down and young people are going back to school.

Police said the start of the school year could mean a decline in breaking and entering and property thefts.

“We would like to think that things would start to die down a little bit more then maybe they have in the last couple of months. I can say that this year so far compared to 2018 has been lower so far,” he added.

But police said it’s not just on them to monitor the city. Parents have to keep an eye on their kids.

“Knowing where your children are and accountability is another way to put it. That they’re not out prowling the streets at two and three o’clock in the morning,” explained Lyon. “Because I can assure you that routinely happens throughout the city.”

As always officials want to remind you to lock your vehicles and homes.

Most importantly, police say don’t leave valuables or firearms in your vehicle.

“We strongly encourage our citizens not to do things like that,” said Lyon.

Decatur police said just in case, serial numbers for firearms and equipment should be logged and kept in a safe place.

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