Patient Demands Answers from former North Alabama Pain Clinic Doctor

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LEWISBURG, Tenn. - Dr. Mark Murphy ran the North Alabama Pain Clinic in Madison and Decatur. He announced his retirement back in December, but assured patients a new group was coming in to take over the clinic.

That didn't happen, the deal fell through, so many patients were left without a doctor, without warning.

So WHNT News 19 traveled to Tennessee Friday, in an attempt to ask him questions, many patients want answered.

Dr. Murphy now practices at Specialty Clinic in Lewisburg, Tenn. In the parking lot reads a banner, "Specialty Clinic Welcomes Dr. Murphy." Lisa Boyer was at the clinic earlier this week, and found the banner odd.

"Like he just got there, are you kidding me? He’s been there for a while," said Boyer.

Just a few yards away is a permanent sign, that also features Dr. Murphy's name at the very top, above other doctor's names.

"I mean his name is big. Like this is my facility and these guys work with me," said Boyer.

WHNT News 19 went inside the clinic, in hopes of talking to Dr. Murphy.

Below is the conversation between WHNT News 19's Chris Davis, and two employees.

Chris: Hey how are you?

Employee #1: Good how are you?

Chris: Good, I am Chris Davis with WHNT News 19 based out of Huntsville. Is Dr. Murphy in today?

Employee #1: Mmm, mm.

There were two employees behind the counter. Chris asked them what days Dr. Murphy typically worked at this clinic.

Employee #1: Who are you with again?

Chris: I’m with the CBS affiliate in Huntsville, Alabama.

Employee #2: You will need to come Monday, Monday at 8.

Chris: Monday at 8?

Employee #2: His hours are posted.

Chris: Okay

Employee #2: 8-4 Monday

Chris: Just out of curiosity how long has he been associated with the clinic here?

Employee #2: Come Monday, at 8.

Chris: Okay

Employee #2: Okay, I will not comment.
Chris: Okay

Employee #2: Okay, Thank you.

It's unclear how long Dr. Murphy has worked in Tennessee, but we know he's let his Alabama Medical license expire.

We've also uncovered Dr. Murphy is facing an official complaint with the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners and has a hearing date set for March. The complaint doesn't lay out what he's being investigated for, but a non-profit news organization that tracks prescription drug abuse, Pro Publica, ranks Dr. Murphy as number one in the country for the amount of Oxycodone he prescribes patients.

"You don’t do that to people," said Boyer.

Lisa Boyer's Alabama Medicaid isn't covered in Tennessee, so she has to find a new pain clinic and is struggling to do so.

She's demanding answers.

"It's not just about the medication, there’s a whole list of issues they just left everyone to deal with. It’s not right," she says.

The employees at this clinic tell us Dr. Murphy is not in today and plans on being back Monday Morning at 8 a.m. We plan on being there to ask him some of your important questions.

While Dr. Murphy has a hearing set with the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners, the Executive Director of the board tells WHNT News 19 because he let his Alabama license expire, there's not much they can do to punish him here.

However, patients can file their complaints with the state of Tennessee.

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