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DECATUR, Ala. – An incident at Decatur High School on Wednesday has parents outraged and asking questions.

The office of Superintendent Michael Douglas confirmed that there was a misunderstanding between a student and a former teacher “over her trying to provide them a reality check.”

Officials say that during the incident “some of her words were taken in stride but some students did not understand the intent.” School officials haven’t released exactly what was said by the woman but did say some students took her words literally and shared that information with others, leading to an abundance of rumors.

Officials say that at no time was any building placed on any kind of security status, no one was placed on administrative leave, and no one was arrested. The incident was contained within the presence of a school resource officer.

Frustrated parents reached out to our newsroom claiming that they weren’t notified until hours after the incident and they want to know exactly what was said during that “reality check.”

School officials stated in a message to parents that “We regret that we could not release information sooner, but with no actual threat we were focused on obtaining factual information about the incident in order to address the concerns of all those affected.”

According to that statement, the teacher in question resigned from Decatur City Schools as of April 17 and has been asked not to return to the property.

The incident in question happened on April 25th. Decatur City Schools sent WHNT News 19 a follow statement: “The teacher had announced her retirement and was finishing out the school year,” said Dwight Satterfield, Supervisor of School Operations for Decatur City Schools. “It came down to various different stories of what happened. It took us time to get ahead of all of the rumors out there. The student was satisfied with the outcome.”