Officer fulfills dream of serving and protecting her hometown

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DECATUR, Ala. – Brooke White has always dreamed of serving her hometown.

She went off to college in Georgia and studied criminal justice where she got her feet wet with the local police department.

“I originally thought I wanted to do juvenile delinquency so that I could work with kids that were troubled youth,” White explained.

But her plan took a turn.

“I applied with the West Point Police Department to do an internship and they sent me to the police academy in Georgia,” White added. “I served there for two years and they promoted me to sergeant.”

But soon, it would be time for her to move on.

“I decided I wanted to advance my career and I looked at Decatur because I’m from here,” she said.

At first, openings weren’t available in Decatur, but later down the line, her time would come.

“With Decatur being bigger there were a lot more opportunities for training and advancement and specialized units. So I decided to join,” said White.

She was a part of the Decatur Police Department’s most recent class of officers. And as a Decatur native, a Black woman, and one of the youngest officers, she bears a lot of responsibility.

“It’s like a high demand for Black females in law enforcement because it’s so scarce,” White explained. “So being one, I just try to set an example of just being strong, showing that Black women can serve in this position.”

White said she enjoys policing a city where she’s familiar with neighborhoods and the people in them.

Her biggest goal is to serve and protect, but she’s also working towards building a stronger bridge between the community and law enforcement.

“Behind the badge, we’re still human,” she explained. “We have feelings, we try to treat people with respect and compassion. At the end of the day, I just want them to remember we have a job to do.”