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MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) — People who live in the city of Moulton are frustrated with the drinking water. “It doesn’t taste good,” said homeowner Shane Aker.

Aker isn’t alone with those thoughts. Several people stopped on Friday to talk with News 19 about their experience with city water.

“You can taste it definitely if you use city water, you can taste it when people make tea” said Lucas Terry. “I work with a guy, and he brushes his teeth with bottled water” Terry added. “They don’t trust the water at all” he said.

Moulton resident Chris Murphy said, “Moulton is a phenomenal community, I would say the only issue I do have, is with the water…I believe the city is doing the best they can, but I do notice it’s discolored” he added.

Murphy said he doesn’t taste the “dirt” taste like others describe, but that his grandson does. He said his seven year old grandson describes the water taste as “yucky.”

Murphy added that he has added water filters in his home.

Shane Aker said the need to purchase and install water filters, or drink bottled water, is not a good solution.

“We shouldn’t be expected to pay extra money for other ways around what we pay for them to provide for the first time with the water itself.”

He continued to say, “I feel like it’s not our responsibility to go out here and buy extra water and stuff like that, the city needs to fix the problem, it’s what they get paid to do.”

Aker said he loves living in the city of Moulton and the people there, but the whole water situation has been a “massive headache.”

News 19 reached out to several departments within the city to get more information about the water issue. We even showed up in person to city hall, where the utility department is housed, and were told “no one was available” to speak on the topic.

News 19 reached out to Moulton Mayor, Roger Weatherwax to clear up the situation regarding previous water Superintendent, Jay Johnson. Weatherwax did not confirm information on Johnson, but did provide the names of the water plant supervisor, and who is “handling the duties of water distribution”.

News 19 could not get ahold of either of those people, and Mayor Weatherwax declined to go on camera, or give further statement.

However, Mayor Weatherwax did share the statement listed below:

The statement says the recent taste and odor in the water was caused by an algae bloom. However, the city says the water is safe to drink.

The statement continues to say that the city has sent water samples to a lab in Auburn, Ala. for further testing, but a long term solution to the water issues can’t be fixed until there is an upgrade at the water treatment plant.

Mayor Weatherwax confirmed that the City Council would be discussing water issues and it’s next work session. That is slated for Monday, May 9th at 5:00pm.