Moulton city leaders use $326,000 of liquor tax money for enhancements at H.A. Alexander Park

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MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) – The city of Moulton is cashing in on people who buy adult beverages.

City leaders recently made a big purchase with money from the city’s liquor tax.  The mayor was very pleased, one liquor store owner was not.

On Monday afternoon, rain poured in H.A. Alexander Park in Moulton. City leaders are planning new life for it and for residents.

“It will be a long process,” said Moulton Mayor Ray Alexander.

He said the city spent $326,000 purchasing 58 acres of land on the west side of town that will connect the park to downtown Moulton.

“It’s going to be picnic areas, walking trails, running trails, pavilions, something to benefit for recreation for the public,” said Alexander.

He explained the money came from the spirits in the city — the city’s liquor tax.

“When the city went wet, we put all of that revenue into a special fund and we didn’t spend any of it until we purchased the land,” said Alexander.

“I’m fixing to go up on my prices,” said Jack Hollis, owner of Jack’s Beverages in Moulton.

He sells the spirits, and isn’t too happy about what he has to pay to do it — the liquor tax is 24%.

“It means that you can’t hardly make profit at 24 % liquor tax,” said Hollis.

He points to the tax in other cities nearby for comparison. It’s 12% in Huntsville, 15% in Athens and Decatur and just five percent in Florence and Muscle Shoals.

Moulton’s liquor tax is nearly five times the tax in the Shoals.

“I think it’s too high,” said Hollis.

The city has been wet for five years and accumulated $700,000. Mayor Alexander says work on the park will begin later this year.

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