Morgan County Sherriff’s Office to revamp patrol vehicle fleet

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DECATUR, Ala. – The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office decided to give its logo a facelift. The sheriff’s office announced it will be gradually revamping patrol vehicles.

Morgan County just got ten new patrol vehicles to replace some of the older ones. Officials decided that it was time to get creative with the new blank canvasses.

The sheriff’s office says it was just time for a change and the new look was a group effort.

“People are used to seeing the same one, but when you get used to something it kind of loses some of its meaning. So it’s now time for a fresh look,” explained Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Mike Swafford. “We’re not changing all of the patrol vehicles, we’re starting with this new fleet we’re putting on the road.”

The new logo displays the sheriff’s badge at the forefront. The American and Alabama flags are incorporated as well.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said overtime the new logos will be on the entire fleet.