Morgan County Sheriff’s Office launches new app


MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office launched a new app, making finding information and contacting them a whole lot easier.

It’s access to information that maybe we would usually call and wait to find out, go into the sheriff’s office, or search the internet.

Now, it’s right at our fingertips – the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office app, called MCSO Now.

It’s interactive too.

For example, if you needed to know something about the county jail, it shows you a map of the location, the policies, visitation hours, and even frequently asked questions.

Through the app you can find different contact details for who to call.

It also provides information on other law enforcement agencies, school systems, and other agencies that you may need.

You can submit a tip to the Sheriff’s Office through a tip page, use their interactive map to find out where you are currently, where the office is, and where registered sex offenders are in the area live.

There’s also a function that allows you to view current warrants, apply for a pistol permit, and give feedback.

There’s even an option on there to commend an employee.

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