DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office & Correctional Facility is hiring more corrections officers.

Mike Swafford, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, tells News 19 that they are looking to hire “15 to 20” full-time corrections officers.

“Each shift that functions at the Morgan County Jail is fully staffed, but it’s getting harder and harder,” Swafford said.

He explained that a lot of staff members are working overtime and that “overtime leads to mistakes.”

Online jail records indicate more than 550 inmates are currently being housed in the jail. So it is important to have enough correctional officers to keep up.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and Correctional Facility in Decatur.

“Right now in Morgan County’s history, there’s more alleged murderers in this facility than any other time in history,” Swafford said.

An online job posting for a full-time corrections officer lists the salary as $16 an hour. The posting is for a 12-hour shift, with benefits.

Swafford said the job of being a corrections officer can be a tough sell.

“It’s hard to hire for corrections facilities across the country just because of the job,” he said. “You know, you’re in jail almost half of a year based on the way our shifts work.”

However, he said being a corrections officer can be a great job, especially for people who want to get a start in a law enforcement career.

“We interact with every agency in the county, so you’re able to build those relationships, build that knowledge base and then go to the academy and come back a sworn officer,” Swafford said.

There are some basic qualifications like needing to be at least 18 years old and having a clean record. Swafford also said interest in law enforcement is a must.

“Really [you] just need to have an interest in law enforcement because you know, most people couldn’t do this job,” he said. “Most people couldn’t stay behind these walls and deal with the individuals they deal with.”

The Sheriff’s Office & Correctional Facility is also hiring part-time corrections officers.

Mike Swafford told News 19 that 10 part-time positions were recently added. He said those part-time positions offer more flexibility when it comes to time commitment.

To learn more about what positions are open, you can go to: