Morgan County officials want to attract new families amidst economic growth

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – New industry means new jobs, but it also brings new employees to the area to live.

Those employees will need somewhere to raise their families.

“You’ve got several developments that are in the process of being underway especially in Decatur, annexing new land for hundreds of new homes,” explained President and CEO of the Morgan County Economic Development Association Jeremy Nails.

With the Federal Bureau of Investigation expanding its presence on Redstone Arsenal more than one thousand federal employees will be transferred to work in Huntsville.

But Nails said his area is one of the most affordable places to live in North Alabama.

“A lot of variations in home choices here, a lot of great home pricing in this area that you can’t find in larger cities,” he added.

So, how is it possible for a city like Decatur to accommodate potentially hundreds of new families?

Nails said it takes a lot of thought and strategy.

“We actually have a residential task force that’s headed up by the Decatur Chamber of Commerce,” he added. ” They meet once a month at least. And they’ve been talking to developers, targeting areas of growth for the city.”

But its also the longevity you can offer citizens that helps make a place desirable.

“There’s a lot of history in this area, a lot of legacy families that have been here forever and also new families,” Nails explained. “That have come in and started. And they’re welcomed in this community too. We have a really good outreach program trying to welcome people in this community and we work on that every day.”

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