Morgan County Jail to receive $45,000 in jail food money settlement


Former Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – A lawsuit regarding former Morgan County Sheriff Ana Frankin’s improper use of jail food money is over.

As part of a settlement reached Thursday, current Sheriff Ron Puckett will receive $45,000 on behalf of the county, which will go toward feeding inmates in the Morgan County Jail.

Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson filed the lawsuit back in December 2018, saying he needed to “protect the taxpayers’ funds.”

Franklin will receive $10,000.

Franklin pleaded guilty to not filing an income tax on December 19, 2018, after failing to report money she earned in 2015 on her 2016 tax return. Because the charge was a misdemeanor charge, Franklin wasn’t immediately removed from office.

Two days later, Anderson filed the civil lawsuit, after it was discovered one account still had funds designated to feed inmates in the Morgan County Jail.

Prior to the lawsuit, a judge found Franklin in contempt of court in 2017 after she took $160,000 of jail food money and investing in a car dealership which later went bankrupt.

At the time he filed the suit, Anderson alleged Franklin still had $55,000 in a personal savings account that only she controlled. According to Anderson, there was no indication the money was used to buy or prepare meals for inmates.

After the settlement was announced, Sheriff Puckett tweeted a statement, saying the office can “focus on the road ahead of us.”

“We are focused on the road ahead of us and today’s settlement with former Sheriff Franklin will allow us to close one more chapter of the past. Additionally, it returns taxpayer funds to our office to be used as they were intended, to feed inmates. Our office will do exactly that.”

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