Morgan County high schools hold in-person graduations


PRICEVILLE, Ala. – High school seniors have had many things taken from them this year, but for Morgan County Schools graduation isn’t one of them. Tonight, the five Morgan County high schools held graduation ceremonies.

Several seniors at Priceville High school said even though this graduation ceremony wasn’t traditional, they are just glad they got to have one.

“I’ve worked so hard to be here and I’m just glad we get to have a graduation because when they said we weren’t getting to go back to school I was very depressed because I wasn’t really sure if we would get to have our graduation or not,” said Valedictorian Madalynn Owen.

At one time, Superintendent Bill Hopkins Jr. says they were tossing around the idea of a virtual graduation, but the schools system is happy to be able to give their seniors a bit of normalcy during the pandemic.

“So the opportunity just to be here, even though it’s not going to be traditional because we have separation, we are just having limited tickets, it’s still a great opportunity,” said Hopkins.

Graduates seats were spaced six feet apart and families were told to sit in groups six feet a part, those spots marked on the bleachers with tape.

“You know, they need to practice social distancing and we need to do the right thing if we want to be able to continue to do these type things,” said Hopkins.

And as for the lessons seniors have learned through the pandemic and having parts of their senior year change on a whim.

“Sometimes adulthood isn’t planned so you just have to go with the flow and this will be something that we will always remember. So it’s just preparing us for life,” said Montana Henderson.

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