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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is helping those unable to get food for themselves.

With many businesses being forced to shut down, and the elderly being forced to stay indoors, finding proper nutrition is getting difficult. Some people are relying on those who can’t shut down: law enforcement.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office PIO Mike Swafford says with others having to shut down, it’s time for the sheriff’s office to step in and fill the gaps.

The sheriff’s office is helping deliver meals to homes throughout the county after senior centers closed within the area.

Swafford said in one case, they received a message on Facebook which said one neighbor didn’t have a car, and her husband had Stage 4 cancer. The couple could not leave their home, and grocery stores are going sparse. The messenger asked if MCSO could help out the neighbors.

Swafford and deputies went out to the home and delivered hot meals.”I didn’t know there was going to be crying when we went out there, but yes, it was emotional,” said Swafford.

One deputy said it’s a little bit different than their usual day-to-day duties.

“We get a lot more smiles with this,” said Deputy Kyle Johnson. “A lot of time we are delivering bad news with court papers and things like that but now, we’ve got some food for you and everybody is really happy to get that!”

Swafford wanted to remind residents who are worried that there is still good going on around them.

“As we are out every day, going up and down the roads, we see it. We see neighbors checking on neighbors while maintaining social distancing, but they`re making sure they have something!”

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office says what they’re doing is just their job: serving the public.

Photos of some of the deliveries were posted on the sheriff’s office Facebook page.