Morgan County 911 in the process of getting profile software

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. -  No one wants to think of that moment they'll need to call 911, for themselves or for a loved one.  Morgan County 911 is working to implement software that will help first responders be more informed when they arrive.

Smart 911 is a program that allows you to share important information with dispatch just dialing 911.

"When somebody dials 911 that has a Smart 911 profile, we get that profile," said Jeanie Pharis the Director of Morgan County 911.

Smart 911 allows you to put all your personal info into a profile. It's limitless and customization for your life. "Their family members, pictures, pets, any kind of medical conditions or special things they want us to know when they call 911," said Pharis.

Smart 911 technology can shave time off the response, when timing is most crucial.

"Having that information ahead of time can help us relay that information to responders and we are going to be able to expedite the service as well as the quality that they're going to be able to get," said Pharis.

Their access to your profile eventually expires. And they only share it with the necessary first responders.

"Now it's on a time constraint. It's maybe thirty to forty-five minutes is the only amount of time that we actually have a hold of that profile," said Pharis.

Pharis says they are just waiting on funding for the software to implement this program in Morgan County.

"We currently have it priced at getting it put on all 10 of our positions. That would be every console in the room and that would be about $22,000 a year," said Pharis.

Pharis is confident that residents in Morgan County will have this potentially life-saving technology soon.

Smart 911 is a national program and your profile will travel with you wherever you go. It's also free for users.