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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Two men, accused in what Morgan County law enforcement called the worst crime in the county’s history, appeared before a judge Monday.

Authorities said John Legg and Frederic Rogers shot and killed seven people at a home on Talucah Road in Valhermoso Springs in the summer of 2020. They have remained in the custody of the Morgan County Jail since shortly after they were arrested in Oregon and transported back to Alabama.

Morgan County Circuit Judge Stephen Brown held a motion hearing in the case of two men. Both were presented in court, however, only motions filed by Legg’s attorneys were brought before the court. There were no pending filings in Rogers’s case.

Over a dozen motions were filed by Legg’s defense team, many of them standard, including a motion of Leggs right to be present in court and one that ensured all proceedings would be recorded by a court reporter.

But two of the motions filed stood out to News 19, Legg’s attorneys requested permission to take Legg back to the crime scene. They also filed to require the county District Attorney’s office to disclose the names of confidential informants should they be a part of the state’s case.

Legg’s attorneys told News 19 they don’t anticipate the capital murder case to go to trial for a few years, considering the court’s case backlog, something many counties are facing.

In response to the motions filed by the defense, the DA’s office says it will do whatever the law requires them to do as it pertains to the case.

Morgan County DA Scott Anderson said he is seeking the death penalty in this case.