McDonald’s calls a pest company and Walmart’s bakery is written up in this week’s Restaurant Ratings


A flyer on the door of McDonald’s on 6th avenue in Decatur tells customers they closed for two days for some remodeling.

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DECATUR, Ala. - A fast food place in Decatur shut down for some renovations, Walmart's bakery is in hot water, and the inspector told a Madison burger joint, 'you can't dump that there'.

McDonald's on 6th avenue in Decatur was closed on Monday, with several pest control trucks on site. A flyer on the door told customers they were closed for two days to prepare for a renovation. A representative for McDonald's says the restaurant is now under new ownership. And on Wednesday, the golden arches were back open. In their last inspection, McDonald's scored an 86.

The Walmart bakery on Spring Avenue was written up for toxic cleaner being kept next to cake boxes and no temperature color strips in its dish washing equipment. Walmart scored an 86.

Smashburger on west US-72 in Madison was inspected on November 7th. The inspector found residue in the soda nozzles, no chlorine sanitizer in the dishwasher and mop water that was dumped out back instead of the mop sink. Smashburger scored an 85.

As you head down 6th avenue in Decatur if you can smell the smoke, you're in the right place. Jason Such isn't just blowing smoke when he talks about brisket and pork shoulder. He moved into the old Subway and rebuilt the whole kitchen. You take his last name twice and you get Such n' Such Burgers and Tacos. The restaurant opened at its new location in June, offering a series of burgers, including the Heart Attack Burger, which was recently named the number one burger in north Alabama.

When you bite into one of the eight signature burgers at Such n Such, you'll notice it's pink in the middle. Such says, it's supposed to be. What you're biting into isn't ground beef, it's smoked brisket.

"It gives it a unique flavor. you're not just getting your all beef patty," Such said.

After years in sales, Such isn't shy about hitting the road with his own food truck.

"My goal in the next ten years is to have five locations and 25 trucks," Such said.

And it looks like he's off to a good start. In their last inspection, Such n' Such scored a 92.

Such and Such is open Tuesday through Saturday. They also run a food truck that is serving food six days a week. To find out where it is, look for Such and Such on Facebook and Instagram.

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