Man sues Morgan County deputy over alleged excessive use of force

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)– A Morgan County man named Nicholas Langley and his attorney Hank Sherrod filed a lawsuit against a Morgan County deputy Tuesday.

Wednesday, WHNT News 19 obtained a copy of the lawsuit which identifies the deputy as Brandon Sain. He is the only named defendant.

In the suit, Langley alleges he was with a friend who was driving a car, when a deputy pulled them over. The deputy discovered a liquor bottle behind the driver’s seat, and Langley claims he didn’t even know it was there. His friend was charged with DUI, illegal possession of prohibited liquor, and an open container violation. Langley himself was charged with IPPL (illegal possession of a prohibited liquor) and an open container violation as well.

That is one thing he and his attorney dispute. They say he should never have been charged, because it wasn’t his bottle and he didn’t even know it was there.

“He should have been allowed to call his family and go home. There was no reason for him to be arrested,” said Sherrod during an interview Wednesday.

But that’s just the beginning of Langley’s allegations. In the lawsuit, he says the deputy arrested him and was verbally abusive to him. Langley admits, he cursed him back.

“He wishes he didn’t say some of the things he said to the officer. But words don’t justify violence,” said Sherrod.

And violence is exactly what Langley alleges happened next. The lawsuit says the officer intentionally slammed on the brakes while driving, causing Langley to fall forward and hit the Plexiglas in front of him.  He says upon entering the jail, the officer walked Langley in through an entrance without surveillance cameras, and then slammed him onto the floor with a “leg-sweep” maneuver.

“Deputy Sain gets his revenge by slamming him face-first onto the concrete,” said Sherrod. He further described Langley’s injuries, saying, “One of his teeth came completely out. Two others were broken. And most of his front teeth were damaged… He had a severe laceration under his chin. The interior of his mouth became separated from his gums.”

The below slideshow contains photos of those injuries provided to WHNT News 19. We warn you, these are graphic in nature and you should click with caution.



The lawsuit alleges that along with the physical injuries, Langley suffered emotional ones including “embarrassment and humiliation.”

Hank Sherrod is the same attorney working with the Patel family for an incident back in February involving a Madison Police Officer.

WHNT News 19 reached out to Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin for comment. She said, “We cannot comment on any active lawsuit except to say that we are looking into the allegations and our attorneys have been notified of the suit.”