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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – The Tennessee Valley Authority has a team in Decatur to investigate a high voltage line that came very low on Tuesday, killing a boater. TVA’s Vice President just wrapped up a news briefing on the deadly accident.

Anthony Szozda, 65, of Athens, died just a couple of miles north of the Tennessee River bridge in Decatur, near Ingalls Harbor.

Szozda and a friend were competing in a fishing tournament on the Tennessee River.

Officials say a call came about a boating accident near Nucor Steel.   A witness said a TVA high voltage line running across the river came down low enough to catch a boat on the river. TVA Vice President Justin Maierhofer told media in a briefing that TVA knew about the fallen line at 2:30pm, hours before it killed Szozda. He also says that TVA alerted officials to close that part of the river.  According to the witness, the boat hit the line then snapped up, striking Szozda.  He died on the river.

TVA Executive Vice President and Chief Energy Delivery Officer Rob Manning released the following statement:

“Today’s (Tuesday’s) accident was an unusual and unfortunate  occurrence.  Our thoughts go out to the family of the boater who was killed.  We are taking this very seriously and are working closely with the authorities to understand the facts around this event.  TVA exercises all appropriate caution when we do our work at all times. The safety of the public, our employees and our partners is our top priority.”

WHNT News 19 is in Decatur to uncover more details.  We’ll continue to update you throughout the day Wednesday.  Check and watch our newscasts for the very latest.