Limestone County Unveils Design Of County’s Tornado Memorial

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Limestone County is not to be forgotten in remembrance of the April 27, 2011 tornadoes. Video from the sky shows there’s still damage on the ground throughout the county. Several people died there that day. The county is getting ready to pay tribute to those victims and many others.

A lot changed in Limestone County on April 27, 2011. Dreams were blown away, buildings were destroyed and lives were lost.

“It is bad to anybody that loses a life or has a house destroyed. It is bad for them. I feel sorry for everybody. I don’t care who they are or what they lost,” said McGlocklin.

McGlocklin lost his wife, only son and one of his daughters in a storm back in 1974.

Limestone County officials unveiled the design of the county’s tornado memorial.

“I see the bricks honoring them to let them know we have not forgotten about them,” added McGlocklin.

The memorial, outlined in the shape of the county, will list the names of those in the who died in every tornado since 1900.

Many affected by some of those tornadoes put a symbolic brick in place to build the everlasting foundation. The memorial will sit on the property of the Bethel Church of Christ Cemetery. Bethel Church of Christ used to stand a short distance away.

“It still hurts. It still hurts to look at this land without the church being here. It just does not seem right,” said Nora Donham.

The Memorial Building Committee says contractors should finish the memorial in a few months.

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