Lawyer: ‘All these women are from different walks of life’ accusing Decatur doctor of sexual misconduct


Dr. Michael Dick

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala -  The law firm that brought the civil lawsuit against Decatur Dr. Michael Dick anticipates more women coming forward with claims of sexual misconduct.  There are six women named in the suit, though attorneys said they have spoken to some two dozen women, each saying the doctor acted inappropriately toward them.

Lawyer Nick Lough of the Lough Firm is one of the lawyers handling the lawsuit involving the rheumatologist. He is representing women accusing the doctor of sexual misconduct during their appointments at Alabama Medicine & Rheumatology.

"All these women are from different walks of life," Lough said. "They've never met each other before."

WHNT News 19 has learned the Decatur Police Department has an ongoing investigation into Dr. Dick. We obtained police records that show at least 10 complaints against him and 8 of these appear to still be under investigation involving incidents.

He’s also facing an investigation by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners. The board’s attorney said the investigation has been going since law enforcement received complaints about Dr. Dick, possibly going back to late last year.

Lough said the women aren't from the same places, and they came to his office at separate times.

"They never talked to each other," Lough said. "The only thing they have in common is that they were patients with this rheumatologist in Decatur."

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Some of the similarities among the women in the lawsuit include claims of non-consensual kisses from the doctor, and unwanted touching and rubbing from him.
The lawsuit reports the alleged inappropriate behavior happened during their second visit to the physician's office or later.

Lough said he has talked to more women than those involved in the lawsuit.

"I can tell you that I've personally talked to close to two dozen women over the phone or in person in the last couple of months," Lough said.

Ten people filed police reports with the Decatur Police Department. Lough said as information becomes public, more people are calling.

"We want to hear from everybody," Lough said.

Dr. Dick is still seeing patients. We checked in with the office this week, and they said it's business as usual.

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