Lawsuit says Decatur doctor sexually assaulted patients, continues to practice


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DECATUR, Ala. - A new civil lawsuit against Dr. Michael Dick, Alabama Medicine & Rheumatology, and a number of nurses that have not been identified yet alleges that the doctor used his practice to commit multiple sexual assaults and continues to practice despite being arrested on two counts of misdemeanor harassment related to the allegations.

The lawsuit contains claims from six different women, all with similar stories of sexual assault by the doctor.

The contents of this lawsuit are graphic, and readers should think carefully before proceeding. We have chosen to keep the details of the sexual assaults as described in the lawsuit, as not to obscure the severity and specificity of the allegations.

The lawsuit includes the following accusations from women using pseudonyms for the purpose of the court filing:

  • Jane Doe, 59 & Mary Doe, 25 - Jane brought Mary, a mentally disabled quadriplegic woman, to the office. Says Dick started rubbing his way up Mary's arms to her breasts, which caused her to cry. Jane says she pulled Mary away, but Dick then approached Jane and rubbed his erect penis on her leg.
  • Francis Foe, 35 - Visited Dr. Dick's office for the second time in September 2016, says he rubbed his erect penis on her leg
  • Carla Coe, 59 - During third visit, this one in November 2016, says Dick pulled her pants down past her knees to give her a shot in her lower back; fourth visit, she says she was groped and kissed against her will
  • Grace Goe, 39 - Says during her third visit in November 2017 Dr. Dick put his hands under her breasts and down her pants without a glove, kissed her on the mouth without consent. Claims a nurse was in the room the entire time but said nothing.
  • Brenda Boe, 35 - Says Dick groped her, kissed her on the mouth without consent, rubbed his erect penis on her legs in October 2017. Again, says a nurse was in the room and said nothing.

The plaintiffs known as Goe and Boe both say they filed police reports with Decatur Police Department. The other plaintiffs did not report their incidents to law enforcement, several citing their fear.

Goe says she was sexually assaulted as a child, so during her incident, she froze and could not speak. She says she went and reported it to Decatur Police immediately after the incident. Goe got approval to return to record a final visit. The suit alleges that video shows Dick immediately rubbing her breasts, hugging her, and rubbing his erect penis on her. Goe, again, could not speak. The suit says she covered her face and cried while Dick laid her down on the exam table and rubbed her face and stomach.

The narrative in the lawsuit says Goe's husband came into the office after she was inside for nearly three hours. He says nurses refused to intervene and he had to beat on the door to the exam area until Goe came out. He says she simply repeated "He did it again" over and over. They went to Decatur Police with the footage in December 2017.

Dick was arrested on misdemeanor harassment charges in late January 2018, but all indications are that he continues to practice.

Dr. Dick's office was closed Friday, so we could not reach him for comment. We also have not heard back from our requests to Decatur Police.

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