Lawrence County touts the first county-run no-kill animal shelter in Alabama

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MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) – There’s good news for animal lovers — and animals — in Lawrence County. There is now a “No Kill” shelter there.

Bobbie Taylor got the permission to run it and an $80,000 contract from the Lawrence County Commission during their meeting Friday morning. She insists it’s the first county-run no-kill shelter in the state of Alabama.


Bobbie Taylor, pictured above, sits in the first row at the Lawrence County Commission meeting.

Right now, the 81-year-old runs a no kill facility that she calls the Animal Rescue Center of Lawrence County, LLC out of her home.  She’s working on securing two facilities to use and hopes to ink deals on both places before spring.

She insists she won’t see any money from the contract. Instead, she’ll use at least $30,000 to continue paying the animal control officer and the rest will go for population control.

“The rest will be spent on spaying and neutering and transporting these animals out of here to no kill shelters,” said Taylor.   “And we’ve applied for grants to back up the money that we’re getting.”

Taylor says she’s getting support from Petco and Petsmart. She has been working to rescue animals since she was seven years old.

She says she cares for up to 100 animals each month.

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