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DECATUR, Ala. – Attention recent graduates, The Best and Brightest Initiative is in Decatur, and it will pay you just for moving to town.

It applies to anyone who has earned a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) degree since 2014. Grads who move to Decatur are eligible for $3,000 a year, for up to five years.

“We want to bring talented young professionals to live in this city to build the next version of the city, we want that energy, those ideas, those perspectives,” explained initiative director John Joseph.

This is its second year, and they accept small batches of recent grads to give them more attention, like personalized networking and direct paths to area groups so you can get involved.

“We put you on a board, we give you an opportunity to really influence the things you care about,” said Joseph.

As the city grows, he says young professionals are leading significant developments so the initiative aims to bring the next wave of movers and shakers.

“We value our young professionals here. So that’s our message come help create the city.”

To date, the money for the program has been privately raised, through individuals or private businesses wanting to see the program continue.

They will likely start accepting applications for the next class in the fall.

Find more information on the program here.