DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — With sweltering heat moving through the Tennessee Valley, a non-profit is opening its doors for those who need a place to cool off. Hands Across Decatur operated as a cooling center over the weekend for those in the area.

“We have this opportunity for people to come in get cool you know because there’s really not that many options,” said Brad Johnson the lead volunteer at Hands Across Decatur.

The organization isn’t always open on Saturdays, but leaders there know the hot temperatures can be deadly. Some visitors say they would’ve been left out in that heat if it weren’t for the non-profit.

While many were able to enjoy a room with cool air, they were also given food and water along with some sweet treats, something the organization says is made possible by donations from Decatur’s community members.

“It feels great to see what difference you can make it somebody’s life, pretty much everything we see here is due to the outpouring of the community and we are truly appreciative of that it gives us the opportunity to pay it forward,” Johnson said.

Johnson said they felt obligated to open their doors for those who may not have had a place to cool off.

People like Isaac Sellers are grateful for the non-profit’s role in the River City. He says he would’ve been left in the dangerous heat had it not been for the cooling center.

“I’m proud of Hands Across Decatur because I got a lot of health issues so a facility like this to bring me out the heat is really a blessing so I’m thankful for them,” Sellers told News 19.

Although its expected to be cooler this upcoming week, Hands Across Decatur says if need be, they will open their cooling center in the event of excessive heat in the near future.