PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels spoke to Morgan County Democrats and community members Monday evening about the current legislative session.

Amid this legislative session, Daniels says some state lawmakers are once again looking to get rid of Alabama’s tax on food. A bill on the floor could significantly reduce taxes on groceries in the state.

Daniels says he hopes to eliminate the tax on food to give Alabamians some relief.

Alabama is one of three states to tax groceries at the full state sales tax rate, which currently sits at 4%. That money generates nearly $500 million every year, which goes to the Education Trust Fund budget.

The democratic lawmaker says the legislature may have an issue with ending the tax immediately due to budgetary issues. However, with the cost of groceries on the rise across the U.S., Daniels would like to see some grocery tax holidays to test how it would affect the state’s revenue.

“Let’s try it out for a month,” Daniels suggested. “Let’s look at the gross receipts from that month and compare it to the previous year…same date, same month…and see where we are.”

The representative said that the legislature could then use that data to make the decision.

“Then, let’s make a decision based upon that.,” he said. “When you see folks that are working families that are out there, they’re barely able to make ends meet. We want to provide some relief for families across the state of Alabama.”

This is just one of many issues Daniels is focused on in this legislative session.

During the meeting, Daniels detailed some of the items on the Democrats’ agenda: eliminating the tax on overtime pay, school choice, criminal justice reform, expanding voting access, economic development incentives, and more.