DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – On Monday Decatur City Council made its proposals for the 2024 general fund with 91 million dollars allocated for appropriations.  

After several tries to be included in that funding, Sue Terrell of Hands Across Decatur was again denied being included in the city’s massive budget. 

“We really must have those nonprofits that do that for us,” Council President Jacob Lander said. “We appreciate the work that they do but it’s not like every organization that does that is getting city funding, it’s actually a very limited group that does” 

Terrell says that the homeless population has increased each year since she opened the doors of Hands Across Decatur in 2012.  

After rejection from city leaders earlier this year, Terrell again went to the city council on September 5th asking for $41,000 of funding to be included in the 2024 budget. Terrell told News 19 that the funds would go towards computer training and temporary housing and much-needed mental health services. 

“We have received nothing from the city of Decatur,” Terrell said. “I went before the appropriations committee two or three times and each time it’s been a zero.” 

Ladner says that Terrell and HAD are an asset to the community.  

“Certainly, I know Sue Terrell and we appreciate what she does in the community,” Ladner said.  

Terrell says regardless of the decision by the city council she plans to keep pleading the case for for funding for those in her city who need help. 

“I speak for people who don’t have a voice or are afraid to have a voice and they know I won’t go away,’ Terrell said.