Hit and Run: Dealership hoping to find woman who wrecked several cars


Surveillance video of a Chrysler 300 hitting cars at dealership

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DECATUR, Ala. - Car salesmen are always hoping to move cars off their lot, but an incident this morning in Decatur wasn't exactly what they had in mind.

Surveillance cameras caught a woman ramming two cars and then driving away.

Friday morning, Jerry was doing his normal inspection out at University Hyundai of Decatur when he saw something off. "I looked over, I looked at that truck sideways. I'm like, who parked it that way? Then I could tell it got hit and pushed in."

Surveillance video shows it all.

The driver veers to the right, slams into two pre-owned 2016 Dodge Rams, and then keeps going.

"We know she had to know she hit the vehicles, but then when she pulled up to the light, got out of her car, walked around to the front of it and kind of waved her hand in the air like 'oh well,'" said Davis.

After her inspection, the woman gets back into the car, pulls out of the lot, and starts driving down the turning lane.

Jerry now hopes either two scenarios play out.

One, the public can help identify this very unique gray Chrysler 300. "It's got 20" aftermarket chrome wheels. The front grill is an aftermarket mesh," explained Davis.

Or two, the driver does the right thing. "We don't want to see her get in trouble, we just need to talk to her and find out who her insurance company is so we can get this problem rectified," said Davis.

It's more than just money. Jerry wishes the driver had just stepped into the dealership and been honest about what happened. "Kind of disappointed people don't think that way anymore."

Still a salesman at heart, all he's asking for is a fair deal. "Hopefully she'll give us a call and let us know what`s going on."

If you think you recognize the woman behind the wheel of the Chrysler 300, you can either give Decatur police or University Hyundai of Decatur a call.

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