Hartselle’s New School Superintendent, “Hello, Mr. Wilson!”

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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Hartselle Board of Education has hired a new school superintendent, and Vic Wilson is already on the job. He says Hartselle is blessed with a wonderful school system and his goal is to take it to the next level. Wilson sat down for a conversation today with WHNT News 19's Al Whitaker.

Building on a good foundation.

"Jeff, at the high school, if he's got 850 kids, he could have 850 different career paths that he's working on," Vic Wilson explained during a brief conversation Friday morning at the Hartselle Board of Education offices. "It's not easy, but it's important that we do that. It's important that every child knows that Mr. Hiche and his staff knows that child, knows what he or she wants to do or at least knows what are some plans that child has, and we try to find a way to help 'em get it."

Wilson says he knows he's coming into a great community and into a great school system. And so he says his mission will be to build upon what Hartselle already has, and take the system to an even higher level.

"Three things are present, I believe, when learning happens. You've got a teacher who loves his or her content. You've got a tecaher who loves petigocial aspects. Hone that craft, get better, sharpen the saw. Professional development, collaborate. I've got plenty of things I can do to help with that. The third thing is you've got to have a teacher who loves kids."

Wilson says he believes the basic core curriculum is and will always be critical. But for the future, he says he'll move instruction towards the individual students needs and interests, so that each student will leave the system with the education he or she needs to be successful in their chosen career path.

Wilson says he's heard from a lot of parents who tell him they live in Hartselle because of the school system. And he says that is a wonderful foundation upon which to grow.

-- Al Whitaker

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