TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WHNT) — North Alabama native Colsten Thompson graduated from Hartselle back in 2013 after playing basketball for the Tigers throughout high school.

After playing for several colleges and a NABL team at UAH, Thompson’s playing days have to a close and he’s found himself on the coaching track. Thompson has coached at UAH, Louisiana Tech and Lipscomb and now his career has brought him back to Alabama.

Thompson has joined the Alabama Crimson Tide women’s basketball staff as the Director of Recruiting Operations and Creative Content.

Thompson never saw himself coaching, but he’s so excited to be on this path.

“I would say I had no idea I was going to be coaching I had no idea this would be my path,” Thompson said. “Since I went through it, it gives me a view of what it might be like for these kids so that was something I knew I would do but the whole coaching I really did not know that was gonna happen God just kind of paved that path out for me.”

Thompson is thrilled to join the Tide staff but he says the part he’s most excited for is a new level of competition. The Alabama women open their season at the Pink Flamingo Championships against Utah on November 21.