Hartselle Wife Pulls Husband Out of Burning Home to Safety

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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A fire destroyed a Hartselle home over the weekend while two people were inside. The home had working smoke detectors, but the homeowner noticed the problem before the alarms went off. Both people survived.

The home on Ray Road was small and simple. There were 53 years of love for one Morgan county couple packed inside.

"Never had a fire. We've never called the fire department. Not ever," said Shirley McCurry.

Until this weekend, when Shirley sat in her chair next to her husband Roy's recliner. She saw a spark.

"When I saw it, I said I am not believing it. I got up, ran to get a towel, put it over the spark, put my foot down on it and it just kept going farther," added McCurry.

The spark was in the tubing of Roy's oxygen tank. Roy loves his wife Shirley a lot. But, only 10 percent of his heart works.

She knew seeing the spark Sunday meant it was time to dial 911.

"Well, I just had to handle to get him out. He couldn't walk," added Shirley.

Shirley handled the love of her life all right.

"I got my arms under the front of him and just walked him out. I walked out backwards. I dragged him out facing me," added McCurry.

The woman who's worn the title of Roy's wife for years earned another title. Hero.

"I just thought we've got to get out of here. Some way, we've got to get out of this house," added McCurry.

It took Shirley, with Roy in tow, less than five minutes to get out and away from the house.

"It didn't take very long because that fire was moving. The windows started popping. I heard the oxygen tanks blow. We were not even off the porch when the tank blew," added McCurry.

She managed to get herself and Roy out of harm's way. She did take the time to watch her home burn.

"It's terrible, you know, to see your life gone up in that fire. It's 53 years of our life," added McCurry.

Nothing is there now, but Shirley believes someone was with her.

"I think God was looking out for us. I know that. we pray every day, you know, to God to help us get to the next day," added McCurry.

Shirley knows Roy didn't get what was happening when the home was burning. Something changed the next morning when she got a hug and kiss from Roy.

"It was good. I knew then that he realized that he could have not been here today," added McCurry.

Shirley and Roy McCurry do have homeowner's insurance. Both will be staying with family.

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