HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The Hartselle Police Department is actively searching for new recruits to join their ranks, and they’re looking at you, kid!

Lieutenant Alan McDearmond tells News 19 that with multiple veterans on the force reaching their time of retirement, there are more than a few spots left open, waiting for new feet to fill their shoes.

“We’ve had 7 retirements in the last year or so,” explained McDearmond. “And two more will be retiring in the next few months. We have also been approved for two additional slots in our 2023 budget.  We have filled some positions, but are still looking to fill six spots.”

He says the City Council has approved for the department to have two more officers, but are still short due to the retirements.

The requirements to become an officer are similar to those of any department, McDearmons says.

Anyone interested will need to submit a written application along with a current Basic Ability Test (BAT) Assessment and DD214 for those that have served in the military.

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There will be a physical agility test composed of two phases, including tests of pushing, climbing, window entry, push-ups sit-ups and running. Applicants will also complete an interview process, polygraph test, and drug and background screenings.

Lt. McDearmond says on top of being proud to serve your community, the department offers several benefits including paid vacation and holidays, paid sick leave, health and dental insurance, life insurance and state retirement.

If you think you have what it takes to serve and protect the city of Hartselle, you can find all of the requirements and information you need to apply right here.

You can also call the Hartselle Police Department at (256) 773-2535.