Hartselle gardener feeding the community

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HARTSELLE, Ala. – USDA says 16-percent of Alabamians don’t know where their next meal will come from, but one group in Hartselle is targeting that hunger – serving families in Morgan County in a new way.

If you want to produce a bountiful garden you have to put in time, sweat and consistent care.

Edee Grun, director of Feeding Families of Alabama, knows the effort it takes, she now spends most of her time out here– working to create a community garden for the Hartselle area.

“I live on two hours of sleep a night because there is so much to be done and I know if I don’t get up and do it, it won’t get done – and I know there is 300 reasons a week that come to my door that I get up and I do it – and they are worth it.”

Grun says she serves around 300 people every week. She will serve anyone who needs help, they do not have to be a Hartselle resident. In fact, Edee says she regularly serves people who travel from other areas of the state to receive food and help.

Grun has always had a passion for serving others. She’s familiar with how it feels to need help. Not only is Grun a survivor of Pancreatic Cancer she was also a single mother of several children.

“I raised my kids by myself. I have two biological children, I have an adopted child, and I raised foster children by myself – and it was always hard to come up with the food for them – especially healthy food.”

Though Grun is dedicated, she hopes more people will come to help out with their food pantry and garden.

“We desperately need all the help we can get. I can’t do it by myself,” she says.

With the help of volunteers, soon, the garden is going to give a variety of fresh produce for the community.

“I’ve got a few more tomatoes I’m going to put out along with green beans and field peas.” and that’s not all the garden will produce.

Grun knows that even with hope the size of a mustard seed, a mighty plant may grow

“It takes a lot of faith but a lot of faith will get you a long way.”

The garden will also serve as an educational tool for children on how to be a self-sustaining gardener and how to can and preserve produce.

Feeding Families of Alabama is in need of donations as well as volunteers. They are asking for food donations such as

  •  Vienna Sausages, Potted Meat, Spam, tuna, any kind of canned meats
  • Canned baked beans or Pork & Beans
  • Hot dogs
  • Canned chilly
  • Graham crackers

There is also a great need for gardening tools and garden volunteers. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring the garden or volunteering they can contact Feeding Families of Alabama by giving them a call at (256) 754-5020 or send an email to feedingfamiliesal@aol.com.

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