Hartselle City Council approves electric vehicle charging station


Hartselle City Hall

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HARTSELLE, Ala. - The City of Hartselle has plenty of car traffic and gas stations. But the city council hopes more vehicles will be on its streets, approving of a new electric vehicle charging station in the area.

"It takes approximately four hours to charge a car from zero to full," explained Mayor Randy Garrison. "Think about a car being empty and filling it up with gas."

Garrison admits he's unsure of the number of electric car owners in Hartselle, but electric charging stations could attract those just passing by.

"Say you were going to go from Mobile to Nashville, you couldn't get all the way there without stopping along the way," he added. "So they could stop in Hartselle and charge their vehicle, then continue their trip to Nashville."

Garrison said the city may place the station in a downtown lot, that way the downtime equates to an uptick in foot traffic for local businesses. Hoping those electric car owners shop and dine in Hartselle.

"You need something to do for that time period, whether its two hours or four hours," said Garrison. "We thought if we put it downtown, they can shop, they could see all the things we have to offer, they could eat lunch, just visit. We've got a park down there."

Their charge will cost them nothing.

"You'll get a text when it ends, when its charged," said Garrison. "Then you come back and pick up your car and continue on your journey."

But if you fail to pick up your vehicle, you could be fined per hour after the four-hour maximum.

This charging station will be the first of its kind in Morgan County.

The vehicle charging station is estimated to cost the city around $10,000.

But Garrison said he's confident the revenue the charger brings in will make the investment worthwhile.