Former patient shares video of encounter with Decatur doctor accused of sexual misconduct


Dr. Michael Dick

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The contents of this article and video are graphic, and readers should think carefully before proceeding. We have chosen to keep the details of the sexual assaults as described by the victim, as not to obscure the severity and specificity of the allegations.

DECATUR, Ala.  -- We`re continuing to learn more about sexual misconduct claims against a Decatur doctor.

A former patient of Dr. Michael Dick, who said she was sexually abused as a child, tells WHNT News 19 that he kissed her and fondled her on her third visit to his office last November.

She fears other women have faced similar treatment so she went back to record hidden video.

We have agreed not to name the woman, and in the video we don’t show her face and we altered her voice.

The woman is among six who have filed a lawsuit against Dr. Dick.

He is also the subject of up to 10 complaints filed with police by former patients alleging inappropriate contact in his office.

The woman known who is the plaintiff known as “Grace Goe” in the lawsuit filed said she made up her mind to stop him.

She`d gone to police once, but didn`t get very far. So, she made one more appointment in December.

She recounted the incidents with her doctor that are shown in the video.

“I say, 'Hey Dr. Dick.' And he lays his papers down and he comes, he comes right to me, and there is not a nurse around this time, at all,” Goe recalled. “And he wraps his arms around my waist, and he starts, pushing forward on my pubic area, with his erect penis."

“And he keeps pushing and pushing and pushing, I asked him in the beginning, 'What are you doing,' and he said, 'I`m hugging you.' And here again, I go into flight mode, and I just go back to that little girl, that I was when it happened again. You know it`s happening again.”

The video shows Dr. Dick pressed against his patient for a total of about 4 minutes.

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The video shows more contact during the visit.

“But as soon as he laid me back again, he leaned down, and started rubbing my hair and my face,” Goe said. “And then, he started rubbing my lower part of my stomach in a very, not a very doctorly manner. And I just felt gross.”

She was in the examining room for a long time.

After discussing and writing prescriptions, the video shows Dr. Dick approached Goe one more time.

“When he finally left, he hugged me on the video you can hear him,” she said. “It doesn`t show our faces it`s mainly from, I guess, our bodies down, you can hear him kiss me a few times."

“It was not on the mouth this time, but it was on the check, close to the mouth."

She gave the video to police, but she says they told her it wasn`t worth much, questioning her behavior in the encounter.

Decatur Police arrested Dr. Dick in January after a second woman came forward with a similar claim. He faces two misdemeanor harassment charges.

Dick’s attorney Bill Hawkins told WHNT News 19 today, “We certainly expect to be exonerated in the criminal matter. We expect to be vindicated In those proceedings.”



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