Former Lawrence Co. Sheriff’s Office Chief of Staff faces new domestic violence charge

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DECATUR, Ala. – A Former Lawrence County Sheriff`s Office Chief of staff Timothy McWhorter faces another domestic violence charge. This is the third one filed against McWhorter this year.

The first two were filed by Decatur Police Officers.

This new one was filed today by a woman, Angel Sanders.

WHNT News 19 hasn’t been told her connection to Tim McWhorter, but in May of this year, Sanders was involved in an altercation outside of a business that he owns.

Sanders filed the deposition Tuesday. She had a probable cause hearing and the magistrate thought there was enough evidence to file it against Timothy McWhorter.

The former Lawrence County Sheriff`s Office employee was arrested in February and April of this year for domestic violence incidents.

According to the police report from April 8, the victim said McWhorter poured beer on her and crushed a beer can on her head.

The police report details a statement from the victim that said McWhorter allegedly threatened to kill her during a struggle.

McWhorter is accused of pulling out a handgun and pointing it at himself, then trying to hand the gun to the victim so she would kill him during the April incident. The victim`s name was not released in the report.

The only information on the record about Angel Sanders as it relates to  McWhorter is she was involved in an altercation outside his business in May.

State Bureau of Investigation Special Agents say a physical altercation happened between Angel Sanders and Analisa Gillespie. At some point during the altercation, Agents confirmed Sanders produced a handgun and fired a single round that struck Gillespie in the chest.

This all took place outside of McWhorter Cabinets, which Timothy McWhorter owns.

McWhorter will be served and not arrested for this new domestic violence incident filed. Since there was a new charge filed, all three charges will be dealt with at trial on November 16, 2018.