Fireworks stand owner says Chinese tariffs won’t affect current prices

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DECATUR, Ala. –  Fourth of July fireworks will brighten skies across North Alabama next month. But some fear those shows might be a little dimmer this year if the U.S. increases tariffs on Chinese imports.

Many fireworks stands are stocking their shelves with the best pyro money can buy.

“They want to deliver the same quality of show. They may go to where there’s 30,000 people and they really don’t have a good experience. They can deliver a show comparable to that in their backyards as long as their willing to do it safely,” explained Michael Lowery, owner of Big Bubba’s Fireworks in Decatur.

With the potential threat of tariffs on Chinese goods, some people may be concerned that the prices for fireworks this Fourth of July holiday will skyrocket.

Lowery they’re not going to up their prices this season, and they’ve already accumulated most of their inventory. The tariffs haven’t impacted anything yet.

“There has been political chatter about the tariffs but luckily, this year we didn’t see any increase in pricing for the fireworks stands I would imagine all around North Alabama,” explained Lowery.

Now fireworks retailers are encouraging people to know the law and handle the explosives safely.

“Make sure that you’re reading the label, you know what the firework does, that you’ve been explained to in the store how it works so that you can safely operate it,” he added.

Keeping an extinguisher nearby when using fireworks is also a good idea.

Lowery said if tariffs are enforced it will most likely only impact prices next Independence Day or for retailers who stock year round.

So far, the president has not set a deadline for when he could impose the new tariffs.

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