DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — A man has been banned from Decatur City Schools’ property after police officers say they discovered he was carrying a gun with an altered serial number at the Austin vs Decatur rivalry game.

Decatur Police say Marcus Hampton had a loaded pistol magazine when he tried to enter the game Friday night. Officers escorted Hampton out of the stadium where they also found a loaded gun with an altered serial number in his possession.

Hampton is charged with possessing a gun without a permit, and possessing an altered firearm. Hampton was booked into the Morgan County Jail on a $50,300 bond with conditions added.

“In the event Hampton posts bond, he is to be supervised by Morgan County Community Corrections Pretrial release with GPS monitoring and is not to be released until he is fitted with a GPS monitor.  He is subject to searches of his person, residence, or vehicle as a condition of his supervision.  He is to have no firearms on his person, in his vehicle, or in his residence.  A special condition of his bond is that he is not to come on to any property owned or used by the Decatur City Schools school system.”

Deputy Superintendent Dwight Satterfield said in a press release, “I think we can all agree the individual’s actions were reckless in nature to bring a loaded weapon with an altered serial number into an estimated crowd of five thousand people. It could have resulted in tragic consequences.”