Family of missing Decatur man says they are still searching for answers

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DECATUR, Ala. – Randall “Randy” Letson has been a missing person in Decatur for a little over a year now.

His family has been looking for answers since his disappearance in December 2017.

Kaleb Letson said people’s ideas of what could’ve happened to his father have changed over time.

“Maybe he got in the truck with someone and left, just left wandering off walking,” he said. “He could maybe be in the pond or the creek. And they’ve searched three times looking for him, they won’t do anymore.”

Kaleb said he’s trying to remain hopeful.

“I think he’s still out there somewhere, I hadn’t put it in my head that maybe he’s passed on,” he continued. “But I just hope he’s out there somewhere.”

Decatur Police said all leads have fallen through.

“Any information that they give us, any new leads we follow up on,” explained Lt. Jeremy Hays. “So far, all leads have come to a dead end. During this investigation we’ve had a helicopter up twice, we’ve had tracking dogs, we’ve had cadaver dogs out twice. We’ve spent numerous man hours on this case.”

The department doesn’t close any missing persons cases until an individual is found – dead or alive.

Kaleb said his family now has reason to believe his dad could be in a nearby pond.

“They hadn’t carried a boat down to the Flint Creek, they hadn’t carried a rescue squad out to the pond or pumped the pond,” explained Letson. “They’ve been saying they’re going to do that and they haven’t done it.”

Betty Letson, Randy’s mother, said she talked to her son at least three times each day.

She knew that he had no money the day he disappeared and he wouldn’t have set out without something in his pockets.

“I feel that someone has hurt him and did away with his body,” she worried.

Police say Randall Letson has been entered into all national missing person databases.

But even after a year, Betty Letson said the pain of the unknown hasn’t subsided.

“I just want closure on him,” she added. “If somebody would just come forward and give us closure on randy and where he’s at. That’s all we’re asking for.”

The family said they are now offering a reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Randall Letson.

Decatur Police urges anyone with information to call them at (256) 341-4600.

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