Family of 3 homeless after car crashes into apartment building making it unlivable

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DECATUR, Ala. – Just ten days ago WHNT News 19 reported that a driver crashed into an apartment building on Wimberly Drive in Decatur. The crash ripped the staircase from the structure.

The landlord, Belvia Matthews helped three affected families find shelter for over a week, but tenants said that’s about to change.

Clagon Woods said when the SUV drove into the apartment beneath his, he was shocked.

He sprung into action to help the driver get her kids out of the SUV.

“It could’ve been worse. There could’ve been a bunch of injuries. Someone could’ve been hurt,” said Woods.

Now, eleven days later Woods, his wife and four-year-old child remain effectively homeless.

Woods said the landlord helped initially, then assistance lapsed.

“Two nights went by that we accommodated ourselves with a place to stay. Whatever we could, the best we could,” he explained. “Then other tenants informed my wife that she had sent another message out. It said we were able to move into the Home2 on Highway 20.”

On August 9 they received a text message from Matthews that claimed a place to stay would be covered until August 31.

Three days later tenants received a letter in the mail stating that accommodations would only last until August 15.

“That’s today, and it’s also my wife’s birthday,” Woods added. “So now, I feel like we’ve just been thrown away.”

Woods and his family have the items in the back of the family truck available to them.

Tenants say they were told by the landlord that the city said the building is not livable right now, and there’s nothing more she is required to do.

Woods said at this point, with both adults in his household on a fixed income, there’s only one thing he can do to help his family.

“Just pray, and hope and let God handle it,” said Woods. “That’s all I can do. I can’t afford to worry about it.”

WHNT News 19 reached out to the Decatur Housing Authority and they agreed to help accommodate Woods and his family.

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