DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — People with family members who were laid to rest at Burningtree Memorial Gardens are outraged over its conditions. They say visiting their loved ones is already difficult emotionally, but the state of the cemetery is making it even harder.

Multiple people reached out to News 19 about the issues they’re dealing with.

“When we come out for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or those special birthdays and things and it’s not kept up it’s really just a sad place to come to,” said Linda Bolton who has family buried throughout the graveyard.

Bolton says she’s left picking weeds off the tombstones of her lost loved ones just for their names to be visible, which she says is because the cemetery is being neglected by management.

“It’s not unusual for me to have to come out and mow or weed eat or bring dirt to fill in or to spray for the ants or whatever because it’s just unkempt. When I was out here last week my daddy’s and momma’s stone was covered in weeds and you couldn’t even see their name,” Bolton told News 19.

Bolton says it hurts her heart to see the dead trees in the graveyard, the grass at knee-high levels, and ant hills covering grave sites adding that the cemetery isn’t living up to agreements in their contract.

Courtney Perrin echoed Bolton’s sentiments.

Perrin says the state of the graveyard makes visiting her late husband even more emotionally difficult. She says no one should have to endure the hurt caused by the graveyard’s conditions.

“It’s very frustrating its disheartening I mean you come here to pay respect to your loved one it just hurts your heart when you come out here and you see it like this,” Perrin said.

She added that she and other families have trusted management to properly maintain the cemetery, however, she says that has not been the case.

“When you want to come and grief your person have moments here and you can’t do it in peace cause you’re worried about well first you’re trying to get to the grave cause the grass is so grown up and secondly it’s hard to find sometimes because the weeds are growing over it. We would just like to see basic respect and basic care so that we don’t have to feel like this,” Perrin said.

News 19 did reach out to the owner of Burningtree Memorial Gardens for a response. However, he was unable to be reached for comment.