Falkville residents concerned about construction on crumbling road

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FALKVILLE, Ala. – Despite numerous road closure signs,  the residents of Bert Stinson Road in Morgan County say people keep traveling it like it’s a through street.

“They come on through and they’re sliding,” said Billy Wherley, a Bert Stinson resident. “They think it’s on further but you’re right here on top of it. They slide and one truck nearly ran up into the gravel pit last night.”

Wherley said ATV drivers are using the construction site as a playground.

“We’ve got side by sides that are going through the gravel, over the gravel, around the gravel,” explained Wherley. “Going through this gentleman’s yard and they’ve broken his water meter on his side. So he had to pay for that.”

But the gravel pile has a surprise on the other side of it.

Neighbors said their biggest concern is public safety with people bypassing the road closure signs, especially at night when it’s hard to see. They could easily fall into a gaping hole on the roadside trying to turn their vehicles around.

Morgan County District 3 Commissioner Don Stisher said the pipes underneath the road could not sustain the amount of water that needed to flow through them.

Over time the pipes gave out and the shoulder began to crumble.

Wherley said this closure has impacted travel time. “Before the road closed it was taking me approximately three or four minutes to get to the store. Now it requires a minimum of ten minutes to go to the store because I have to go up the mountain.

The closest emergency agency is only 3 miles away but Wherley is still concerned that emergency vehicles won’t be able to respond in a timely manner.

Stisher says all emergency agencies, schools and bus companies were notified about the closure before it happened.

Stisher said there is no projected completion date at this time. If it takes too long, Morgan County will safely designate a partial opening in the road.

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