MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Fifth-grade students at Falkville Elementary School haven’t received a textbook since the school year started, according to one concerned parent.

Amy Sparkman says her son is bringing home failing grades, and she takes the education of her children very seriously.

“Well, I mean, my sons and all of my kids’ education is vital to me. That’s part of them succeeding in life,” Sparkman told News 19.  

According to the school, the textbooks have been on backorder but Sparkman said that the school board hasn’t offered any alternatives. 

Sparkman says that she talked to the teacher and the principal, who say the backorder is completely out of their hands. Her son and other students in the class are bringing home below-average scores so she reached out to News 19 for help. 

“They knew that these books were missing they should have had a plan in place to do until these books come in,” said Sparkman.

News 19 reached out to Morgan County Schools (MCS) who say that each student has a Chromebook with the missing books on them. Ms. Sparkman says that is not correct. 

“I asked my son what he did on his Chromebook at school and he said he does I-Station which is learning games much like Kids Academy,” she explained. “I asked him does he read books on his Chromebook and he says no they don’t have books on his Chromebook.” 

Sparkman took matters into her own hands by purchasing learning tools that she feels would help her son to pass his math courses.

As a result of the inquiry, Falkville Elementary did send her son home with a math textbook. But Sparkman says she will send it back because she didn’t want the other kids in the class to go without one.   

“It’s not just about my kids,” she said. “It is about all other the other kids that nobody will stand up for. I will be the one to stand up for them just like I do with my own kids.”