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DECATUR, Ala – September 15, marks a deadline for the mediation in the Tennessee Riverkeeper’s lawsuit against 3M, Decatur and Morgan County and other chemical makers.

The case was filed in 2016. In June, Judge Liles Burke set a deadline for resolving the case and ordered the parties to prepare for trial if the deadline was not met.

News 19 contacted Decatur city officials, 3M and Tennessee Riverkeeper. 3M confirmed they were in mediation negotiations, but couldn’t comment any further.

Attorneys for Decatur and Morgan County said earlier this month that an early September settlement was not realistic. The two governments are defendants in the case along with 3M, but their attorneys say they have their own issues with 3M to resolve.

The lawsuit alleges 3M and other chemical makers in the Decatur area contaminated the Tennessee River with PFAS chemicals produced at their sites.

The lawsuit seeks an order directing cleanup efforts for the river.