SOMERVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — People who live in a Morgan County neighborhood are voicing their concerns about ditch conditions. They say it’s leading to flooding in their yards and on the roads.

Homeowners on Old Six Mile Road in Somerville say those ditches are a public safety hazard and they’re not sure when they were last cleaned out.

Residents like Ison Van Meter say the conditions the ditches are in have caused flooding when it rains which has contributed to heightened safety concerns. He says when inclement weather travels through his neighborhood, it causes flooding on Old Six Mile Road that’s especially concerning for drivers.

“There’s constant flooding. When we have really bad storms, the water would come up over the road causing possibly hydroplaning. The culverts are covered up with mud and the water can’t go anywhere except for eroding the driveway and going across the road,” Van Meter told News 19.

Van Meter says the culverts in the ditches are responsible for preventing water overflow, but he says because they’re filled with mud, it’s causing the road to flood.

The Somerville resident says he’s been pleading with the Morgan County Commission to get the ditches in his neighborhood cleaned out, and he says he feels his county commissioner is ignoring his calls about what he believes is a legitimate safety threat.

He feels as if his concerns are being ignored and on behalf of his entire neighborhood, he’s hoping the ditches will one day be addressed so no one gets hurt.

“I care about all these people on this road. They’re my friends, and they were my neighbors, and you know I worry about their safety. I just want public safety,” Van Meter said.

News 19 reached out to Morgan County Commissioner Greg Abercrombie who presides over District 4 where that neighborhood is. However, his office did not immediately respond for comment.