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DECATUR, Ala. — A River City’s appliance manufacturing plant plans on bringing a major economic development project to the area, according to a news conference announcement on June 29.

Decatur’s General Electric Appliance announces a $115 million plant expansion which will bring 255 jobs to the facility.

Employees cheered as the announcement was made at the plant.

“And if we had not had the team here in this plant none of this would have come about,” State Senator Arthur Orr from Decatur said.

Employees say they’re excited for what this investment means for them.

“Job stability. Great job stability. More jobs. More jobs under me,” employee Vickie Jackson said.

Plant officials say the investment will have a ripple effect in Decatur.

“In the next five years, this investment in our Decatur plant will have a total economic impact of just over $2 billion and create several thousand new jobs for the area,” Executive director of plant management for the Decatur facility, Renee Story said.

This plant already produces more than one million refrigerators a year and is GE Appliances’ highest-producing refrigeration production operation.
The expansion will make it a refrigeration super-site increasing facility’s size by 40,000 square feet and update its technology.

“Along with new cutting-edge advanced manufacturing equipment that further advances GE Appliances plan to transition to a fully interconnected digital factory,” Secretary of the Department of Commerce, Greg Canfield said.

A groundbreaking is expected to take place in July and the expansion is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2019.