Decatur Utilities reports manholes overflowing following heavy rain

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DECATUR, Ala. - With heavy rainfall over the past two days,  some streets in Decatur are experiencing wastewater overflowing into the streets.

On Tuesday, Decatur Utilities posted signs warning people about sewage overflow, an issue that has happened in the past due to heavy rainfall.

One local resident said Decatur Utilities isn’t doing enough to fix the problem.

"If they don't have the people to come up with a solution themselves they need to hire somebody who can come up with the solution,” said Raymond Dougherty, Decatur resident.

Tuesday morning Decatur Utilities reported more than 36 manholes overflowing since Thursday, February 6. 14 of those started overflowing just today.

That is more than four million gallons of wastewater overflows, and the number is expected to grow. Many of the manholes are still running.

Decatur Utilities reported that the wastewater overflowing these manholes eventually runs into Dry Branch Creek and Flint Creek.

Decatur Utilities attributes the overflows to heavy rainfall in a short amount of time.